Lafras Moolman

We verify the accuracy of your financial statements, ensuring they comply with relevant regulations and standards.

ensures that your VAT returns are accurately prepared and submitted, keeping you compliant with tax regulations and minimizing the risk of penalties

We offer comprehensive estate planning services to help you protect and distribute your assets according to your wishes

Our auditing and accounting services involve a meticulous examination of your financial records.

We provide valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your business performance

Joined the industry in 2004

Lafras was born in Port Elizabeth in 1979. He matriculated from Vaalharts High School in 1997 and attended Stellenbosch University where he completed his B Comm Financial Accounting degree in 2001. He did his articles at Enslins Kimberley Incorporated and qualified as a charted accountant in 2006. Lafras joined GBG in 2007 and became a director in 2010. Lafras is part of the Somerset East office and is also responsible for the offices in Aberdeen, Kirkwood and De Doorns. His main focus areas are auditing, taxation, estates, accounting and consulting. He is a sworn appraiser, and training officer for the trainees in the Somerset East office. He qualified as a B-BBEE auditor in 2015. Lafras enjoys mountain biking, golfing and reading in his spare time.