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The firm, originally Phillips Brothers since 1904, underwent several transitions. In 1928, it was acquired by a Queenstown firm, becoming Sampson, Ryder and Co. Later, Mr. Charteris took over, partnering with Mr. Martin Le Roux in Cradock, renaming it Charteris and Le Roux. Mr. Le Roux eventually became the sole owner.

In 1965, Mr. Le Roux expanded to Somerset East, appointing Mr. Ben Erasmus as manager. In 1982, Mr. Le Roux retired, selling to Messrs. Philip Gerber, John Harrington, and Rudolph Botha. The new entity merged with Mr. Harrington’s practice, rebranding as Gerber, Harrington and Botha. In 1986, Mr. Harrington sold his share to Mr. Herman Gerryts. Mr. David Gowar replaced Mr. Gerryts in 1988, renaming the firm Gerber Botha and Gowar in 1989.

Over 27 years, the firm expanded in the Eastern Cape, acquiring the Graaff Reinet office in 1991, managed by Charl De Villiers, with Mrs. Ralie Blignaut joining as partner. In 2004, Mr. Tertius Van Der Walt became a partner in the Cradock office due to growth. In 2010, Mr. Lafras Moolman became a partner in the Somerset East office. Ronette Marais joined as partner in 2015. The Middelburg office was established in 2010, managed by Mrs. Marieke Le Roux, who became a partner. In 2014, Mr. Francois Calitz opened the Kirkwood office, later led by Mr. Herman Janse van Vuuren.

Agile and Personalised Client-Centered Services

Throughout the Eastern and Western Cape, GBG operates with a high degree of autonomy, enabling us to quickly adapt and prioritise our clients’ best interests. This unique approach differentiates us from traditional firms, making us more personalised and agile. Our steadfast commitment is to help you overcome significant challenges and turn your vision into reality.

At GBG, our dedication goes beyond the immediate project. We emphasise building trust and ensuring your long-term success. We meet you where you are, seamlessly integrating our skilled professionals with your team, and sharing our expertise every step of the way.

Insurance isn't just about policies; it's about people

GBG offers outstanding Long-Term Insurance and Investment Advisory, along with Short-Term Insurance services, throughout the Eastern and Western Cape. Our autonomy allows us to swiftly adapt and focus on individual client needs, providing a personalised and agile approach. We are dedicated to securing your financial future through tailored insurance and investment strategies.

Our commitment extends beyond immediate transactions. We prioritize building lasting relationships and fostering long-term success. By offering continuous support and sharing our expertise, we guide you through every step of your financial journey. With GBG, you can be assured of comprehensive protection and growth, ensuring your peace of mind and financial security.

Our Mission

We firmly believe in collaborative partnerships with our clients, fostering the creation of sustainable financial futures. Our commitment is to serve as their trusted source of knowledge, guiding them towards informed decisions and long-term financial security.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive suite of services to our clients by integrating our knowledge and expertise of our staff across various sectors.

Our Values

We uphold values of integrity, honesty, fairness, excellence, and accountability. Our commitment lies in retaining top-tier professionals who remain abreast of industry advancements, ensuring the delivery of the highest quality service to our clients

Meet our leaders

Beratung’s global leadership is comprised of several key entities, including the managing partner, the Shareholders Council (elected board of directors), the Acceleration Team (global leadership team), and the leaders of various offices and practices. Together, they drive the strategic direction and operations of the organization.


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